Fallout shelter mod apk download 2018

fallout shelter mega mod apk

Fallout shelter mod apk is modded app developed for android. Fallout shelter apk mod works like an original game with unlimited money. There are other lots of feature you can find on fallout shelter mega mod apk. It is an free mod app you can download and install it on your android device with out any issue. Root is not required to install mod apk to your android device. It has been tested and played by many player already and works in almost all android devices like Samsung, HTC, Oppo. It is totally virus free and risk free if you want to try this app can you can click to on the download apk mod now.

Fallout shelter apk mod is developed by modapkguru.com. There are lots of mods you can find in this website. You can try them and share it with friends. Fallout shelter mega mod apk can be used to generate unlimited money, unlimited caps, unlimited water, unlimited foods. Where as in original game to get this all resources you have to either wait and level up and get rewarded which is time consuming or you have to buy it using the real money. If you use our Fallout shelter mod apk you can get these all resources without any wait or buying it this apk mod is simple to install all you have to do is get apk file and install to your android devices. As this file is around 200 MB we recommend you to have at least 200 MB of space free before installing this device.

fallout shelter mod apk

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Fallout shelter mega mod apk is safe to use and install. Fallout shelter is free play simulation single player game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and Behaviour Interactive, published by Bethesda Softworks on the year 2015 for many platforms including IOS, Android, Windows, X box one. This game was developed using Unicode language. This game is one of the most simulating game of the the year where have to build and manage there own Vault. This game got so much popularity that with in the year it was successful to collect over a million dollar of the revenue. It is pretty much like a sims you build and manage vault by provided necessary resources like water and food. And you get rewarded with money with that money you can expand the vault buy goods. Fallout shelter apk mod helps you gain unlimited money without waiting for levels to complete.

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Fallout shelter mod apk is developed for educational and training purpose as we are no profit organization we do not expect any money developing this tools we also want to request players to download original game and respect the user and try not to misuse the mod by trying to sell it was this mod apk works perfectly find you can install and play it on your android devices without any issue it is totally safe with no virus. You can check our other mod apks which you can find it in our website like 8 ball pool mod apk.


What is Fallout shelter mod apk?
This is modded app with the help of this app you get:
Unlimited money
Unlimited Food,
Unlimited water,
Unlimited Caps,
Unlimited Energy

Do I need to root to install Fallout shelter apk mod?
No, You don’t have to root it works in all normal Android devices.



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